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Try the eden(1) command. So far it's just a tool for using the ephemeris(3) library from a shell.


With the npm prerequisite, do:

npm install -g eden

The -g for global, means eden can be run regardless of what the current directory is.

In order to have a fully-enabled ephemeris you should npm install -g precious. Or else cake install would get eden all set-up for development too. Currently, a precious version of at least 0.2.x is needed for compatibility. Make sure to check its licensing, which varies according to use.


This is Unlicensed - free and unencumbered public domain software.

Note that some of the dependencies, namely precious(7), may have their own LICENSE restrictions... Please investigate, before commercially using Eden's ephemeris module.


archai(7), upon(7), precious(7), sin(6)



  1. February 2013
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