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precious - a minimum kind of ephemeris


Anything less we couldn't do astrology with.

Use eden(1) for a better cli experience. Better for both precious-json(7) input options and human-readable output. Either of which could be used individually as well. See stream examples / usage next.


Running precious from the command line (instead of programming JavaScript) is not the most efficient nor the most convenient, though it's ok too. The commands can tab-complete.

Some precious-json(7) must be provided in one of three ways:

  1. -, s or stream input though unix pipes - all the rest can be covered with this approach too, see the double examples for equivalents.

    eden pre | precious -

  2. f or file followed by a json file <path>

    precious f test/io/for/example.json

    cat test/io/for/example.json | precious -

  3. o or object given a json string <'input'>, even if just {}

    precious o {}

    echo {} | precious -

The streams way could do it all, with just a few extra characters typing. Though perhaps not using Windows.

Here is how eden can help by not only piping input, but also making the output more readable, streams are awesome:

eden pre | precious - | eden eat

This is the equivalent of eden know. Pipe any of the precious examples into eden eat - and feast on what could be seen, at least.

A global eden is automatically available through postinstall. Go ahead and try it.


This is also a man-page and can be read with any one of:

man precious
precious ? 1

Help for precious-json(7) is also available using these:

precious help json
man  precious-json

See Index(7) or precious ? for the precious README.


precious-json(7), gravity(6), eden(1)


Index(7), Base(7)

  1. July 2012
  2. precious(1)