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_       = require 'underscore'
degrees = require './degrees'

class Coordinates

Ecliptical CelestialCoordinates (factory method).

  of: (x, y = 0) ->

Perhaps at a later time, other coordinate systems can be loaded through x. For example equatorial x.rasc / x.decl pair.

    [x, y] = [x.lon, x.lat] if x?.lon? and x?.lat?
    new CelestialCoordinates x, y


  geo: (x, y) ->
    throw "To become geo coordinates (Gaia replacement), later on..."

Perhaps this should extend Backbone.Model, so that the lon & lat attributes can be watched for changes and derivative coordinates recalculated?

class CelestialCoordinates

Based on the ecliptic, however there will be code for doing conversions to also support the equatorial [right-ascention, declination], at least...

  constructor: (lon, lat) ->
    @lon = degrees.of lon, 'longitude'
    @lat = degrees.of lat

A shortcut for getting both longitude and latitude with one call.
TODO: pass the rest as function parameters. Contribute to Backbone, or impelement my own result - it's easier with CoffeeScript...

  ecliptical: (r, rest...) ->
    if r? then [_.result(@lon, r), _.result(@lat, r)] else [@lon, @lat]

module.exports = new Coordinates