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_             = require 'underscore'
Backbone      = require 'backbone'
coordinates   = require('upon').coordinates
ensemble = new (require './ensemble')

class Point extends Backbone.Model

Note: 0 should perhaps be the default for degrees?

  atCoordinates: (lon = 0, lat) ->
    @at = coordinates.of @get("lon") ? lon, @get("lat") ? lat
    @at.ecliptical 'dec'

  initialize: (a) ->
    [a.lon, a.lat] = @atCoordinates a.lon, a.lat
    a.re ?= '' # regarding reason
    a.ts ?= '' # timeshift - more, related moments
    @set a

TODO: with a newer Backbone, @on "change:lon change:lat", @atCoordinates instead.

    @bind "change:lon", @atCoordinates
    @bind "change:lat", @atCoordinates

class Points extends Backbone.Collection

  model: Point

  initialize: (models = [], options = {}) ->
    models = @precious options if _.isEmpty models
    @reset models

  precious: (options) ->
    json = options.data
    return [] unless json?
    [objs, idx] = [[], 0]
    for i, group of json
      switch i
        when '1', '2'
          keys =
            0: "lon"
            1: "lat"
            2: "dau"
            3: "day_lon"
            4: "day_lat"
            5: "day_dau"
          for id, it of group
            sid = if i is "2" then "#{10000 + new Number(id)}" else id
            item = ensemble.sid sid
            its = item.get('id')
              id: if its is '?' then sid else its
              sid: sid
            for key, val of it
              objs[idx][keys[key]] = val
        when '3'

Adding the frontal so many. TODO: check if all of these are on the ecliptic (i.e. lon values) Also see if all of them are to be used and if in order - whitelist? For example we may just want the Vertex from the following: "ARMC", "VX", "EQAS". Furthermore, we may want some angles for calculations / inference, but not to show - in which case it would be Eden's (i.e. eden -o phase) whitelist.

          keys = ["AS", "MC"]
          for num, val of group
            if keys[num]?
                id: "#{[keys[num]]}"
                sid: null
                lon: val
                day_lon: null
        when '4'
          for count in [1..12]

Whole-sign houses start with 'T' for topics, all others with 'H'.

              id: "#{if group[12] is 'W' then 'T' else 'H'}#{count}"
              sid: null
              lon: group[count-1]
              day_lon: null
              re: @houses[group[12]]

Minimal lowercase tags, a reason.

  houses: { "P": "placidus"
          , "K": "koch"
          , "O": "porphyrius"
          , "R": "regiomontanus"
          , "C": "campanus"
          , "A": "ascendant"
          , "E": "equal"
          , "V": "vehlow-equal"
          , "W": "whole-sign"
          , "X": "axial-rotation"
          , "H": "horizontal"
          , "T": "topocentric"
          , "B": "alcabitus"
          , "M": "morinus"
          , "U": "krusinski-pisa"
          , "G": "gauquelin-sectors"

The first point or the @getNone id of Ensemble.

  a: -> @at(0) ? new Point id: '-'

module.exports = Points